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Hello, I’m Sharon Schneider

I became sober from drugs and alcohol around my 30th birthday, in 2007. I’ve been on a healing journey since.
It’s the foundation of my greatest work.
My healing adventure has led me through an interrogation of the lessons and experiences of my childhood.

And now, with the arrival of my own children, there’s skin in the game.
It’s time to grow up, to drop the issues and move on.

I have caught myself in some pretty scary mom-monster moments of rage. and I decided to change.
I believe my kids are my most magnified mirrors, behind each trigger is an issue still unresolved, but ready to be released.

“I believe that our families are
vehicles for our most powerful healing.”

I believe that our children choose us. As we guide them, so too do they teach us.
So often we are busy trying to cope and to survive that we miss the opportunity to allow space for great relationships to form.

In these relationships we learn about ourselves and we learn about love, and potentially we get to experience ourselves as love, our essence.

My children have taught me my greatest healing lessons and will continue to challenge me to grow further, I’m sure.

So I connect from my heart,
through my family to you,
as we walk this earth together.

Now that I am on this journey of motherhood, the lessons of my childhood not only make sense,
but regain relevance and begin to unravel again with greater depth and meaning. 
I feel a sense of awe in how our lessons dovetail through the generations.

Raising star beings ain’t for sissies

I believe that there is a generation of children coming in with important work to do.
They are coming to change the status quo, shake things up and assist in saving our planet.
The weight of this responsibility has not only weighed down heavily on me, but also raised me up and given me a great strength to evolve and grow.

I’ve realised quickly that raising these souls requires the very best version of myself… they are pretty demanding like that.
I hope you enjoy reading more as we explore this journey of raising stars together.

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