A journey of learning & loving
with a crystal child

The journey that led me here

I’m a crystal boy mom-on-a-mission, empath,
introspective, self-help junkie.

Growing up was tough.

I so wanted to be happy, and I wanted everyone to be happy.

I worked really hard at school and mostly thrived in that environment.
It made me happy to do well, and it seemed like an easy way to please the people around me too.

However, certain people really disliked me.
Plus, I could pick up on everyone’s emotions and would feel really sad or angry without knowing why or understanding how.

My mom was a farmer from early married life with three small kids & married to an international commercial pilot. Life was difficult for her. She is sensitive like me – a people pleaser and a nurturer. I felt all her pain, frustration and disappointment, as well as extreme pain and sadness whenever we lost a cow in birth or lambs to scavenging wild dogs.

It was only many years later, with the arrival of my first born, that I’d learn about the crystal vibration and what it means to be a crystal child.

When Sebastian was born, I looked for a non-denominational way to bless him and his birth.
Through a friend, we found Margi McAlpine of Angel Connection.
She immediately told me that Sebastian was a crystal child, and that he had great work to do on this planet.

As I read and researched more and more about crystal children, it became clear to me that myself and my family members hold the crystal vibration too.

It’s been deeply liberating and healing, to know that with the difficulty comes great blessings and responsibility of purpose.

I’ve always felt this call to purposeful being in this world.
Now I know why.

As crystal children, we come with the great job of changing ‘the way’ it is on earth.
To bring in a ‘new way’ of being. One that is kind, caring, nurturing, understanding and compassionate.
A way that sees nature being revered, honoured and respected.

Family means everything to me

My greatest wish for my kids is that they are connected to their Truth, to the LOVE inside themselves, and live their lives through this connection.
As for us, their parents, my wish is that we ALLOW them to show us, to teach us, and that we remember to have fun.

Our precious little people have a way of testing our boundaries. Some more than others and others more often than not.
I believe that every child has come to this earth with blessings to share.
I was able to see the blessings almost immediately when I lost my unborn baby at 8 months pregnant.
Our family bond was amplified.  Purposeful living was propelled. It’s this sense of knowing that I want to share.

Most importantly, lest we forget,
all our kids really want is our time, and our love.

I believe in the great gifts our children bring.

I believe that as parents we know this, but we can all use a reminder now and again as we battle it out in the “trenches” every day.
I don’t get it right all the time but I invest my time into understanding them and working on me, counting the blessings and taking on the lessons.
Our children have an uncanny knack of being the most honest and unforgiving mirrors for ourselves at times.
This brings an opportunity for change and for growth, but also the challenge of self-realization, if you choose this path.

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